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New Electrical Installations

New Installations

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At Sammy Group Contractors, we provide a comprehensive selection of electrical contracting services that can be tailored to create a customized program of work. Our expertise covers various projects including refurbishments, fit-outs, and electrical installations in London and the surrounding areas.

We take pride in delivering all client requirements within budget and on schedule. With a skilled team of electricians specializing in diverse electrical areas, we ensure the highest quality standards and competitive pricing for every aspect of the project.

Whether it’s a renovation, fit-out, or refurbishment, our team handles the design and installation of all commercial electrical systems, offering a single point of contact to guarantee consistent quality throughout the installation process.

A Complete Electrical Service

Our Complete Electrical Installation encompasses several important components, such as lighting, power and Mains work.

We also offer services for access control, CCTV systems, security systems, electrical testing and inspection, data cabling, emergency lighting installations, fire alarm installation, and electrical design.

These key aspects collectively form our comprehensive range of electrical services to meet your specific needs.

Electrical Contractors in London - electrical installations
Electrical Contractors in London - rewire
Electrical Contractors in London - rewire commercial

Full Rewire

Rewiring a home can be one of the most challenging investments a homeowner can face. New wiring must be installed in every room, and the current wiring is usually deep within the walls.

It’s recommended that the property be rewired every 25 years. This ensures that safe and modern cables are used, incorrectly installed electrics are fixed, and potential hazards like deteriorated cables are removed.

Full rewiring is necessary if you’re struggling with faulty wiring, a blown fuse, electric shocks, fuse board damage or any other electrical system troubles. When it comes to a full rewiring job, you can rest assured that our qualified electricians have the expertise to update your home wiring according to the latest certified wiring options.

Our comprehensive rewiring includes:

  • Testing and Fault Finding
  • A New Consumer Unit
  • Tidying New Channels
  • New High-Quality Wiring
  • Neatly Reapplying Plaster
  • Updated smoke alarms
  • Earth bonding

Partial Rewire


If your home has been rewired within the last 25 years and your cables can withstand current electrical loads, you will need partial rewiring. Partial rewires are an option if you need new earthing upgrades, bonding or a new electrical service panel upgrade and if you don’t have any faulty electrics.

Our partial rewiring services include the following:

  • Local Qualified and Experienced Electricians
  • Marking & Creating Channels for New Wiring
  • Installing Wiring According to Relevant Regulations
  • New Plaster and Tidying Up Afterwards

A partial house wiring service can be a challenge, as it can be difficult to identify the correct wires to replace among the existing wiring. A partial rewire is also only possible if your current electrical wiring can withstand the required electrical load. When a qualified electrician tests your wiring and the electrical system is struggling, we’ll have to consider a full rewire.

Electrical Contractors in London - electrical installations
Electrical Contractors in London - re0wiring

Professional Electrical Services

We are reliable, efficient and trustworthy. We will provide an up-front quotation with no hidden additional costs.

High Quality

We only use quality materials from reliable suppliers to ensure durability and reliability of our work.

and Reliable

All of our staff are fully qualified and trained to work to the highest standards on all jobs large or small.

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