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As a domestic or commercial landlord, you have a legal obligation to obtain an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for your property at least once every 5 years or when there is a change in tenancy. Sammy Group Contractors, an approved contractor by NICEIC, can conduct this inspection and provide you with the necessary certification.

Staying proactive with regular electrical testing and inspections helps you and your business comply with legislative and health and safety requirements. Additionally, it plays a significant role in preventive maintenance, safeguarding against potential issues.

The duration of a full EICR may vary depending on the property, typically taking several hours to complete. It is crucial that the engineer allocates sufficient time to ensure thorough safety checks are carried out accurately.

Our team of engineers will:

  • Perform an initial visual inspection
  • Followed by a series of checks using advanced safety testing technology. They will promptly address any ‘code one’ issues, which pose immediate danger to life or property, and make them safe until a permanent fix can be implemented if necessary.
  • ‘Code two’ or ‘code three’ problems will be documented, along with a quotation for their resolution.
  • Finally, our engineer will complete a comprehensive electrical certification report.

Once payment is received, Sammy Group Contractors will furnish you with a comprehensive 7-page report.

Please note that portable appliances are not included in the EICR inspection.

To schedule a visit from one of our fully qualified engineers at your domestic or commercial rental property anywhere in London, please contact us today

Electrical Contractors in London - Alarm being Tested
Electrical Contractors in London - Electrical Testing in Progress
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