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At Sammy Group alongside our array of electrical services, we excel in delivering tailored solutions for commercial buildings. Understanding the distinct requirements of such spaces, our team of skilled technicians ensures efficient and safe operation of your building’s electrical systems.

From initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs, we maintain a commitment to quality craftsmanship and uphold the highest industry standards. Whether it’s wiring upgrades, lighting installations, CAT A/ CAT B fit outs, or troubleshooting complex electrical issues, count on us to deliver reliable solutions that cater to your business needs.

Trust Sammy Group to elevate your commercial ventures with our expertise in commercial building electrics.

CAT A fit out

A CAT A electrical fit-out involves providing essential electrical infrastructure in a commercial or office space, including lighting, power sockets, distribution boards, and basic wiring. It is part of a broader Category A office fit-out, which aims to give the space a functional finish, making it ready for occupancy by tenants.

This type of fit-out creates a blank canvas environment without specific branding or business-specific functions, making it attractive to potential tenants and ideal for commercial landlords seeking to attract new businesses to their properties.

We can also offer guidance to landlords regarding an A+ office fit-out that optimizes their rental potential.

Electrical Contractors in London

CAT B fit out

A CAT B (Category B) electrical fit-out refers to the customisation of electrical services within a commercial or office space to meet the specific requirements and preferences of a tenant. This typically includes the installation of additional electrical features beyond the basic infrastructure provided in a CAT A fit-out, such as data cabling,  specialised lighting, audiovisual systems, and other business-specific electrical installations.

CAT B fit-outs aim to tailor the electrical setup to suit the needs of the tenant’s operations and branding, creating a personalised and functional workspace. 

This service is tailored for businesses that have identified the perfect location but require it to be remodelled according to their specific requirements.

Electrical Contractors in London
Electrical Contractors in London - Planning
Electrical Contractors in London
Electrical Contractors in London

Fit Out Process

Our approach is centred on prioritising the needs of our customers. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated delivery team ensures that you are kept informed about the progress of your fit-out. We maintain open communication channels at every stage, guaranteeing your involvement in decision-making.

We offer a transparent schedule outlining each construction phase, accompanied by detailed plans to help you visualise the completed fit-out. Furthermore, our team handles health and safety documentation, ensuring adherence to necessary standards.

In order to further engage our clients and gather feedback, we regularly arrange on-site meetings. These meetings provide you with the opportunity to witness the design taking shape and observe the progress first hand.

Tailored fit outs

Our fit outs offer a diverse range of options tailored to your specific requirements. Through comprehensive discussions, we ensure a thorough understanding of your needs, presenting commercial fit-outs that perfectly align with your preferences.

In close collaboration with commercial landlords, our teams specialise in rejuvenating older properties, transforming them into modern spaces that enhance their property portfolios.

We excel in infusing your workspace with the essence of your brand, creating a functional environment that reflects the culture you aim to cultivate.

Eco – Conscious CAT A Fit Out

Ensuring older spaces are updated for improved energy efficiency is a top priority. Enhancing the efficiency rating of your property can significantly boost its rental value. Our CAT A fit-outs offer solutions for rewiring older commercial properties, making them more eco-friendly.

Upgrading lighting systems not only reduces the building’s carbon footprint but also lowers energy bills. This serves as a compelling selling point for commercial landlords seeking to maximise profits.

Ready to breathe new life into your office space? Whether you’re a commercial landlord aiming to attract new tenants with turnkey workspaces or your business desires a workspace that reflects your brand and enhances productivity, we’re here to assist.

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