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Appliance Installation

With our Installation Service, you can get all your household appliances safely, professionally and quickly installed. And we offer a very fair and competitive pricing structure so if you need help getting an appliance installed just get in touch with our team today!


Freestanding- Washing machine £55.00
Integrated- Washing machine £70.00
Freestanding- dishwasher £55.00
Integrated- dishwasher £70.00
Single oven £55.00
Extractor £80.00
Washer dryer £55.00
Tumble dryer £55.00
Double oven £65.00
Gas oven £80.00
Gas cooker £80.00
Gas hob £80.00
Range cooker (domestic) £80.00

*Car Parking/Congestion Zone Charge/ULEZ Charge And Parts Not Included In This Price.


Save time for things that really matter.

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